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Danny Samuels and the Rice Construct Projects

October 30, 2018

How will people live tomorrow?  We are joined by Cassie Georgantis, representing a pretty young point of view, and explore this question from the perspective of the Rice architecture’s experience (Rice Construct) with building small homes–young people building the homes of the future.  The last project was an accessory home in the back yard of an Agape group living home, the present one in collaboration with the Buffalo Bayou Partnership will work on a four homes on a standard lot concept.  This is an excellent discussion of not just homes, but how we will deal with the future.
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Jade Flores, Ben Hirsch, Andrew Cobb and West Street Recovery

October 23, 2018

Harvey came a year ago, and West Street Recovery, born at the peak of the flood in this Hall’s Bayou neighborhood–has been operating to rebuild homes and lives: Jade connects people to resources, Andrew runs the rebuild program along with a host of volunteers, and Ben moves from this disaster to beyond and how this watershed can be involved with the future.  West Street Recovery’s story is a window into the reality of dealing with a crisis–a window we get to open in this discussion.

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Jim Blackburn, Transparency and the Political Process: Houston

October 16, 2018

Early voting in Houston begins on October 22, are the issues clear and is the information we are given about the issues transparent?  Jim’s recent experience with the Bayou City Initiative’s involvement in the flood bond election provides a jumping off point for a wide ranging discussion about Houston’s future.  We have opportunities for information, transparency and trust as never before; and that’s good, because trust has never been less deserved.  Download and listen–and step outside and enjoy these fall birds, too, the poet says!

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Cath Conlon and Philip Gurley, Blackwood Educational Land Institute

October 9, 2018

Blackwood’s concept–a place in the country just outside of Waller.  It has been part of Houston’s environmental framework for a long time–long enough so that its long list of sustainability projects makes Blackwood a “go to” destination for learning and a sense of the natural system.   Events are happening throughout the year, so give a listen and learn about just a few of them.

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Leann Newton, Kathy Goss and the Altharetta Yeargin Museum in Spring Branch

October 2, 2018

These two volunteers, joined by Spring Branch art teacher, Rebekah Tee, bring us the story of a wonderful teacher, traveler and art collector who used the art in teaching her students about cultures all over the world–and that work led to the museum today, the AYAM at  the Westchester Academy.  The museum is a treasured resource for Spring Branch ISD, but it’s open to everyone on the first Saturday of the month, and for special programs and events like HEArt, the artists’ show and auction coming up on October 20 (social media # AYAMHEART).

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