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Elizabeth Fornier, author The Green Burial Guidebook

July 10, 2018

Elizabeth talks about all the in’s and out’s of a green burial, resources, rules, and oddities.  The Green Burial Guidebook is a carefully researched work about all you probably didn’t want to know about a green burial, or at least hadn’t thought about knowing.  But this incredibly informative show will make you want to find out more and consider the alternatives.

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Kathy Vossler, recognizing community impacts from Harvey

July 3, 2018

2100 Memorial, a Houston Housing Authority affordable housing apartment high rise, flooded, survived, has been partly repaired and could work again, with a little effort.  But, the HHA wants to raze it and a lawsuit to repair the building and community is headed to court.  During the flood, the neighborhood rallied to bring aid to this community–typical of scenes all over Houston during Harvey.  Kathy joins us to talk about large scale storm response and the value of keeping a community together–at just the time when community is needed most.

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