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Jim Blackburn

May 16, 2017

Jim comes in today to talk about a vision of the future, one without fossil fuels.  No nuts and bolts, but a firm jolt–the world will collectively decide to deal with carbon.  What do you think?  Download this one and listen–and while you’re at it, search back and put together a Blackburn listener (reader).

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Sarah Gossett, Pat Greer and H.C. Clark

May 9, 2017

In these tumultuous times, we stop to think about things we can impact–LOCAL!  We talk about local issues, local things to get involved in, and then Sarah, from the Galveston Bay Foundation, comes on to talk about the most local of all–our Bay- and how we can help take care of it.  One way is to report pollution: yes, a new “app” that lets us document and report, the rest is to get involved with local things like this Saturday’s Bay Day, and all the things GBF does.

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Sarah Rose and Mona Islam

April 25, 2017

The first purpose of the show was to tell about the upcoming Fourth Ramadan Dinner, coming up on June 3.  But this show was also an opportunity for us to ask questions and learn about Islam.  If you would like to learn about the Muslim faith, this would be a very good place to start–and we thank Mona and Sarah for making this possible.
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