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Karen Hastings and Jonathan Holley, Harris County Flood Control District

September 11, 2018

Harris County’s 2.5 billion dollar bond has passed, now what?  Karen and Jonathan talk about how projects will proceed now that the vote is in–many were well along in the planning, engineering and permitting stages.  They discuss the things they learned at the 23 public input meetings–there will be additional public meetings as the projects move forward.  We also talk about how we can stay informed–about the projects and also how Harris County Flood Control functions as a source of information that we need to know well before the next storm (that comes with a flood).

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Anna Coffey and The Women’s Home

August 28, 2018

The Women’s Home has been a part of our Houston for 60 years and Anna comes on to tell us why.    She is the CEO of this work that involves treatment spaces, affordable housing and an infrastructure that includes the Cottage Shop, a few blocks from this radio station.  This is a show about what happens when good people work together to produce an outcome–and those who work the very hardest are the women in the recovery program.

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Bryan Parras, Andrew Cobb and Harvey (the Hurricane)

August 14, 2018

This is a great Harvey wrap:  What happened and what are we going to do about it?  Andrew, West Street Recovery, starts off with what the ad hoc group of volunteers has done over this past year–from rebuilds to testifying before the Texas senate, and then talks of solid, doable plans for the future.  Bryan is here to talk about the upcoming  People’sTribunal on Hurricane Harvey Recovery, taking place at TSU, the evening of August 24 and all the next day–an opportunity to hear stories (testimony) and make decisions (judgments) about what is to be done.

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