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Kim Korth

November 7, 2017

This is a wonderful story about starting a business, Edible Houston, finding out that Houston really will support a niche print publication, and then getting to be a part of the interesting things about food, farming, cooking and all that goes along–and what comes along was Harvey, but people pitched in, things got done, and you can pick up the next issue all around town.  Of course, it’s full of stories of resilience and people helping people and giving back.

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Pat Greer and H.C. Clark

October 31, 2017

Today, we reflect on the success of the recent fund drive and talk about ways that the station (and just about everything else) has changed and may change again.  We consider negativity and the effect of problems so large that we (one of us) withdraw and look only to what may be done locally.  And what better forum than your own LOCAL station, KPFT.

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Andrew Cobb and Cavanaugh Nweze

October 10, 2017

Andrew and Cavanaugh, friends through gardening projects, started what was to become WestStreetRecovery on that fateful Saturday night of Harvey.  Andrew found “boats” and bicycles, Cavanaugh found supplies,  and that night and ever since, they coordinated (thanks to social media and lots of good volunteers)  delivery and rescue in the flooded neighborhood.  Now, they’re continuing the work with all the things needed for the neighborhood’s recovery and then the future.–the website shows how.  This is an amazing story about LOCAL work to solve problems in a crisis.

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