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Alison Jefferies and Lorenzo Cohen, Anticancer Living

May 15, 2018


Anticancer Living is the title and our guests are the authors.  Lorenzo and Alison have worked with this topic for a long time, they are the experts, and they’ve put the problems, solutions and prescriptions into this book.  Think about six things you need to put together to accomplish the title: plant based diet (meat in moderation is OK), good sleep, be active, love and support, work to eliminate environmental toxins, reduce stress.  Tune in and get started.

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Julie Bartos and Chair i tee

May 8, 2018

Julie combines business and charity to make an immediate impact in our Houston, Chairitee (cHAIRitee).  We talk about the re-use of material in what we do, the meaning of something more than simple materials-to-product. Each quarter, you can participate in the nominating process, making your charity the focus of profit sharing for the next quarter, go to the link, vote, and think about the process.

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Pat Greer, H.C. Clark and Don Freeman, What You Can Do Right Now

May 1, 2018

We reflect on some of the local issues–like flooding, and while realizing that there are noble ultimate goals, little will get done about any of the issues for a while.  So, we make a list of things we can do to prepare for the hurricane season–as an example of things to get done RIGHT NOW!  This leads us on to talk about what we should expect from our leaders and politicians on any issue as well.

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Donna Yanowski and Tyler Horne, the Herb Fair and Urban Harvest

April 17, 2018

Tyler and Donna take over for the hosts today, and do a wonderful job.  Donna is on to talk about the Herb Day, the annual spring Herb Society event; and Tyler is here to talk Urban Harvest and its farmers’ markets–both gardening, and both examples of year ’round activities in our neighborhood.  This is a great time of year in Houston and we can talk about outdoor things without shivering at the thought.

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