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Jim Blackburn and the Perils of Climate Change

February 14, 2019

Our Valentine’s Day show features Jim Blackburn who joins us to talk about things that will happen, or happen with increased fury, as climate change takes hold.  On the flooding front, Jim has organized the Bayou City Initiative, now in its second year, and drawing the attention of decisionmakers in the County.  On the greenhouse gas front, Jim recounts his recent appearance before decisionmakers in Beaumont and how they responded to efforts to reduce the amount of carbon products added to the atmosphere.

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Carol Denson, Roger Ingersol and Larry Kremer: Citizens Climate Lobby

February 7, 2019

H.B. 763 has been introduced, it has Republican and Democratic sponsors, and it’s a simple tax at the carbon source–well or mine.  The Citizens  Climate Lobby would like for you to become trained in lobbying  your legislators about this bill and other issues and there are chapters with meetings north, middle and south of Houston.  Learn more as we talk about this bill, bi-partisanship, the GND and a lot more.

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Angela Chandler Growing Fruit in Houston and the Urban Harvest Fruit Tree Sale

In this information packed episode, the second at our new Thursday time, Angela hits all the things that will get you started on your Houston fruit growing journey.  Urban Harvest has the answers to everything about gardening, and the annual sale (Feb. 9, 2019) has been a part of those answers for almost 20 years.  Whether a container on your porch or a Meyer Lemon as your sunny yard mainstay, fruit trees are another reason to love our Houston town.

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