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Barry Ward and Trees for Houston

August 7, 2018

Trees for Houston has been a part of this city for a long time.  They plant about 20,000 trees a year and there’s a Trees project near you.  Barry Ward talks of the work they do, the challenges and the satisfaction that all the Trees folks have in providing something lasting for our city.  Listen, and if you, your organization, or you know of an place that would benefit from their work, let them know.

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Sarah Plunkett McDonner and the Bye-You-Bug story

July 31, 2018

Sarah, her husband and her mother started this small business, Bye-You-Bug a few years ago.  The idea is simple: find a need, find an environmentally and people friendly solution, then do the things necessary to put the plan into action.  In Houston, mosquitoes and how to deal with them–that’s the need, natural rather than chemically-based is part of the solution, researching ancient solutions, testing those and coming up with what works was the hard part.  We talk about this and how it works in the world around us, an ever changing world right here in Houston.

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Jessica Wilt Navas , Central City Co-op

July 17, 2018

In the heart of Montrose, there is a food co-op that brings a lot of fresh local produce to it members–every Wednesday, rain or shine.  Central City Co-op started on Pat’s daughter’s front porch long ago.  Today, for an ever increasing community, it serves up shares, open market, storytimes, and all sorts of local at Kindred Church on Waugh.  We talk of history, our Houston, and the in’s and out’s of working working to build a successful cooperative.  Listen in, then check it out.
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Elizabeth Fornier, author The Green Burial Guidebook

July 10, 2018

Elizabeth talks about all the in’s and out’s of a green burial, resources, rules, and oddities.  The Green Burial Guidebook is a carefully researched work about all you probably didn’t want to know about a green burial, or at least hadn’t thought about knowing.  But this incredibly informative show will make you want to find out more and consider the alternatives.

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