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Conversation with Sheila Aaron and Danny Samuels.

Join us Wednesday on Eco-Ology Aug 3rd 2011

We look forward to thought provoking conversations with Sheila Aaron, author of a children’s book, I Am Glad I’m Me, The Power Of Love.
“I’m Glad I’m Me is written with the conviction that how messages of love are communicated between parents and children can positively shape a child’s personality, self-esteem, and – in later years – their approach to their own children. The timeless messages of I’m Glad I’m Me can benefit readers of all ages and stages of life.”


Danny Samuels, Professor in Practice at the Rice School of Architecture, Director of the Rice Building Workshop, and, since 1972, Partner in Taft Architects.
What are architecture students involved in today?
the Rice Building Workshop: projects in affordable housing prototypes at Project Row Houses over 16 years

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Local harvest…what more can it mean?

Wed July 20, 2011

Local harvest…what more can it mean?  How serious is the need to divert building materials from landfills?

Join us in conversation with Keith Koski, Manager of Houston’s Building Reuse Warehouse, a sterling example of how a previous waste stream can and has become recognized as a valuable resource. and click on Reuse Warehouse or call 311.

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How can/does music and art affect Our community?

Eco-Ology Wed June 8th 2011

Join us in conversation with:

David Dove, Trombone Player, Improvisor, Composer, Educator, and Director of nameless sound,

The mission of Nameless Sound is to present the best of international contemporary music and to support the exploration of new methods in arts education.  Nameless Sound presents concerts by premiere artists in the world of creative music.  In addition, Nameless Sound and its artists work directly with young people in public schools, community centers, and homeless shelters.

Nameless Sound’s vision is that creative music is a powerful tool for addressing critical adolescent issues, such as: diversity, group-awareness, self-awareness, creative problem solving, peer support, spontaneity, and vulnerability.  Nameless Sound nurtures a new generation of artists and inspires tomorrow’s creative thinkers.


Pastor Juanita Campbell Rasmus, Founder, Creative Director and Lanecia Rouse, Project Manager for the Art Project Houston.  A project of the Bread of Life Ministry of St. John’s Downtown.

The Art Project, Houston, a therapeutic art program facilitating the recovery and discovery of the creative self for homeless and transitioning individuals. Their goal is to tap into the power of creativity and its ability to restore individuals to meaningful and productive lives.

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