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Ricardo Maldonado and Hans Hansen

Oct 7th 2009

Two projects in North America, bringing and keeping people home. Home to their region, home to their community, home with their families.

Ricardo Maldonado in Guanajuato, Mexico, a Hacienda Project currently involving three separate communities, their mission, products, and how families are coming back home to work thus revitalizing their country. Mexico, whose rich resources include conviction and faith in family and community. The owners and staff of Hacienda de Monjas, Hacienda de San Juan Pan de Arriba and Hacienda La Jaula, in the municipality of San Diego de la UniĆ³n in Guanajuato, welcome people to learn about the richness of the history of these large dwellings through an engaging version of Mexican colonial history as the people of the haciendas share their customs, their knowledge, and their food.

Hans Hansen, thinking about true sustainability, food sources and family has taken on a project to convert ranchland into a sustainable working farm for a family who decided to do more than have a backyard garden. Their endeavor in Grimes County, just north of Houston to build to learn about farming is bringing people in the area together to work and learn.

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Tim’m and Ray Sher: Interveiw

9th Sep 2009

Join us Wednesday for conversations with: Tim’m: author/poet, performance artist, activist, scholar, AND Ray Sher: urban gardener, teacher, supporter of local agriculture, and community gardenOfEden.

Tim’m has taught at both the secondary and post-secondary level across the U.S. Among his critical interests is curriculum development. In particular, given his work as a performance artist, rapper, poet/Spoken Word artist, he strives to teach in a way that meets curricular demands and respects connections to popular culture in a way that makes teaching the Classics fun. This year marked 10 years of living with HIV. He currently works as an Intervention Specialist at St. Hope Foundation’s FUSION Center with African-American gay/bi youth ages 16-24 helping to prevent HIV infection in a very disproportionately affected community. It is his belief that trying to address the growing rates of HIV in our community without also looking at the absence of sex-education in school, without confronting homophobia, is a huge part of the problem. Tim’m works to encourage honesty and transparency, and a healthy respect of different opinions, as a way of cutting through the massive amounts of stigma and shame that escalates numbers.

Ray Sher is a local backyard gardener, living in the heart of Westbury. He grows sustainably year-round using no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and the garden is surrounded by a lush biodiverse ecosystem. His garden is built with all materials that contain no toxins, using trellises to increase vertical growing space. Major crops during the spring and summer are arugula, cucumbers, summer squash, eggplant, beans, tomatoes, kale and collards. Major crops during the fall and winter are lemons, tangerines, oranges, grapefruit, lettuce mix, arugula, sugar peas, carrots, radishes, kale, collards and chard.

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