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where does social justice touch representation in Our community? Part 1

Wed Mar 30th 2011

where does social justice touch Our representation in Our community? what are the global impacts of judgements and unaddressed issues?

Disproportionality – the over-representation and disparate outcomes for African-American families and children impacted by the child welfare system

a conversation with Twila Ross, Manager, Permanency Team, Children’s Crisis Care Center and Jackie McMillon, Houston Disproportionality Committee, Statewide Taskforce of the Texas Dept. of Family and Protective Services.

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What does gratitude represent ?

Wed Nov 24th 2010

Eco-Ology’s foundation is built on four pillars, environmental, social justice, health, and spirit. The four pillars are composed of stories and action. Stories and action from people making a difference.

Wednesday, we focus on gratitude. What does gratitude represent and questions we can ask ourselves about it’s purpose in everyday life, living, and the benefits of gratitude as a living life focus.

Join us in conversation with Twila Ross, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

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Andy Krakower

26th May 2010

According to the organization Human Rights Watch, 30,000 boys and girls of Uganda have been abducted and “forced to become soldiers, laborers and sex slaves. These children are taken by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a rebel group that has waged war against the Ugandan government for nearly two decades.” For the last twenty-two years, the nightmare has begun at sundown in Acholiland, Northern Uganda. Under the cover of darkness, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) has kidnapped, enslaved, raped and forcibly conscripted more than 20,000 children—some as young as six years old. Those who survive their initiation into the rebel army of self-proclaimed spirit medium, Joseph Kony, are forced to kill their own people—their one-time playmates, their village elders. Those who survive the ravages of war must now endure a truncated life from HIV/AIDS or starvation. They must also find a way of life among corrupt government soldiers whose protection from the LRA rebels may be accompanied by heinous abuses of power. In The Children’s War, survivors finally give voice to atrocities suffered and performed. At great personal risk, rebel commanders, elders, teachers, social workers and the children themselves reveal what has been obscured to the world, until recently. Through raw and tender dialogue, the audience sees that indeed hope still stirs in their hearts. At the close of her interview, 14-year-old Atto Jennifer is asked if she has a final message to help others understand the events in Northern Uganda. A schoolgirl’s giggle escapes her lips before she replies with quiet sincerity, “There is nothing more I can say. You have seen with your own eyes.” Join Us in conversation with Andy Krakower, Producer/Director, Rare World Features Documentary Film the Children’s War.

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Jim Bundscho talking about his project in Ben Wheeler, Texas.

30th Dec 2009

Join us in conversation with:

Jim Bundscho talking about his project in Ben Wheeler, Texas, where he is integrating a restaurant market garden and all things recycling to develop a sustainable community experiment. “When we talk about sustainability, it means that we try to blend the technology available today with respect and consideration for the future.”


Omar Afra, Creator, Publisher, and Editor of the Free Press in Houston and restaurateur. .

Omar organized and launched Free Press Houston; a newspaper available at over 1000 locations throughout the Greater Houston Area with a readership exceeding 100,000. Responsible for editorial calendar and business administration including managing advertising sales goals, event production, and staffing. He is a member of the Alternative Weekly Network; a nationwide association of independent newsweeklies.

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Angel and Kalyn

Monday Jan 19th 2009

KPFTs program dedicated to local heros supporting environmental action, ecology in and for Our community, social justice, health, and spirit. Our community is rich with people like You making a difference today and for Our tomorrow. Today’s show will bring Kalyn and Angel, two Houston teen heroes who volunteer their caring and time to Friends for Life – and to It’s Cool to Care – A Houston based organization whose tag line is care, connect, act, Everyones community service co-op. Angel and Kalyn are creating a group to recruit more teens to invent more projects and volunteer envisioned as ENVI – Environments Need Vast Improvement. Join us. Dispel the myth quoted from George Bernard Shaw that youth is wasted on the young.

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