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Dr. Neil Carman and Wendy Reed: Bzzzzzzzzzzz….

Sep 2nd 2009

Bees, pollinators, insecticides, food, Our future. The EPA has established a multidisciplinary Pollinator Protection Team, which has developed a strategic plan that reflects the importance of pollinators to human health and the environment. The study/plan is scheduled for completion in 2014.

Join us in an interview with Dr. Neil Carman, Clean air Director, chemist with the Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club, and member of the Genetic Engineering Committee. “Neonicotinoids have been quantified in the nectar and the pollen of plants. These pesticides can not only kill honey bees outright, but also the honey bees’ ability to fight off infections may also be comprised,” said Dr Neil Carman, Sierra Club Genetic Engineering Committee member. “Federal agencies in France and Germany have already taken responsible regulatory actions to suspend use of these pesticides based on the best available scientific evidence, but the EPA is moving too slowly to take action to suspend nicotinyl pesticides,” more

Wendy Reed of Reed Honey Farm, the family business of Wendy, Kenny, and their daughter. It began with one hive, and they now manage thousands of colonies of honeybees.

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