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Sonal Nandanwar, activist and Gracie Cavnar

Sep 16th 2009

Interview with Sonal Nandanwar, activist and Gracie Cavnar, founder and president of Recipe for Success.

JClimate change, global change. Sonal Nandanwar, a 17 year old student from England has a concern, a passion brewing. How can she affect a change on a global issue? How can she be a part of the solution?

Sonal took a holiday in Houston several weeks ago and decided she wanted to be an intern in a project surrounding climate change. The word went out through the CEC network and she came to us through Nan Hildreth, Nancy Edwards, and Bob Randall. Sonal had a palate of issues to choose from and opted for the changes in the gulf coast region and related that to the changes in the Maldives, islands in the Indian Ocean. She interviewed a number of people including Jim Blackburn to learn more about Our gulf coast region.

Sonal produced her report as a segment to air on Our program, Eco-Ology. Join us.


Gracie Cavnar, founder and president of Recipe for Success a Houston based organization with a non-profit 501C3 status as a charity dedicated to combating childhood obesity by changing the way children understand, appreciate and eat their food.

Recipe for Success partners with HISD, the City of Houston, local chefs, and a host of volunteers to Houston and the nation, eating is fun and healthy eating is REALLY fun.

Programs include: Chefs in Schools in which a Houston chef visits a local school and teaches monthly classes on how to cook healthy and delicious snacks and meals.

Recipe Garden in which participating elementary schools plant, tend, and harvest their own produce from gardens created on school grounds. The produce is then used in recipes for “seed-to-plate” school lunches and snacks. Eat it! Food Adventures a cookbook for kids.
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Mar 30th 2009

Energy Action Coalition Led by and for young people, the 50 leading organizations, 700 local groups, and hundreds of thousands of supporters that make up the Energy Action Coalition leverage their collective resources to create a clean and equitable energy future. The Coalition is addressing climate change by winning clean energy victories at the local, state, national, and international level – all while growing and strengthening the clean energy movement among young people from all walks of life in the United States and Canada.

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Al Wallace

Mar 16th 2009

A conversation about energy alternatives with Al Wallace, Energy Environmental Corporation The Leader in Integrated Heating, Cooling, and Power Systems for Green Homes Energy Environmental Corporation (EEC) is a Colorado-based design/build company delivering worldwide integrated systems architecture for renewable residential buildings. The company provides design professionals, builders and contractors, and homeowners a single source for best practices solutions for energy efficiency and indoor air quality in new and retrofit homes. EEC is now an industry leader delivering total solutions incorporating proven technologies in solar, wind, geothermal and renewable energy for heating/cooling and on-site power generation.

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