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Gabrielle Novello, Cara Moroni and Jay Blazek Crossley

March 13, 2013

These three intrepid food folks come to the studio early this morning to talk about the Houston Food Policy Work Group and their own roles in food for all of Houston.  They are, and will be, a resource for anyone who wants to know things about food policy in Houston; all kinds of food policy from farming to good food, bad food and no food [better known as food deserts].

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Matthew Tejada

February 20, 2013

Matthew Tejada opens his next-to-last day in Houston with an early morning conversation about how he got here–Austin to the Peace Corps in Bulgaria to Oxford and back to Texas then Houston and Air Alliance.  He talks about how things have changed, what he has learned and what lies ahead in his new job at the EPA.  Join us for a good listen.

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Amy Grimes and Anne Sung

February 13, 2013

We talk with two teachers about Community Voices in Public Education as they make their case for renewed support of this effort in many ways.  They tell of broadly supported legislation to reduce the number of test days, restored budget cuts and the value of keeping our neighborhood school system as a public institution.

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