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Saint Catherine’s School and Forge Houston Community

May 8, 2013

Saint Catherine’s School students, Rose and Sarah, come to talk about water, how they have learned about it, and to extend an invitation for all to come to their water conference, Mind on Water.  It is at the school on May 15.

Carole and Hannah come to tell us about their year of intentional community in their home with four other girls in the Third Ward.  The intentional part comes in several packages: getting along in the household, living simply and justly, meeting the neighborhood, and service to that community.

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2013 Earth Day Houston, Air Alliance, Discovery Green, and lots of friends

April 10, 2012

Susanne Theis, Discovery Green; Tiffany Pust, Air Alliance; Jenna White and Tracey Wheldon, Recipe for Success and the healthy living zone; Matt Dietrichson, Houston Tomorrow and the Air Zone; E.B. Brooks, City of Houston Solid Waste Management for the Sustainability Zone; and, Brad Boney, The Pew Charitable Trust and the Water Zone are all in the studio to talk about their organizations and what they will be doing at Earth Day Houston and every other day.  Pretty great to have so many people this early in the morning.

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