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Jim Blackburn, Changes Over the Years, Poetry, Our Last Show

June 13, 2019

This is our last show,  and Jim joins us to travel through changes in lots of things over Eco-Ology’s history.  This has been a wonderful adventure–putting on a radio show, and it has been about the stories told by a lot of good people right here and talking about things local.  (We will maintain this archive for the foreseeable future, and update it with some new things every once in a while.)

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Jim Blackburn, Galveston Bay Park and Coastal Protection

May 16, 2019

This is an information filled show about unfolding events concerning the concept of Galveston Bay hurricane protection.  Blackburn brings the news that the Corps of Engineers plans to replace the proposed 17 foot levee with a 12 foot enhanced dune on both Bolivar and Galveston barrier islands.  This makes the wall afforded by the Galveston Bay Park BCI plan necessary if the Bay rim and ship channel are to be protected.  Stay informed by bookmarking the Bayou City Initiative for this and other plans.

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Juanita Rasmus, the Jung Center, and Healing

Juanita is here to talk about illness, healing and the importance of integrating healing our whole selves along with healing the body, integrative medicine.   Juanita is the long-time Co-Pastor of St. John’s United Methodist Church, and comes to this concept and workshop development through her experience with the folks at the Center for Integrative Medicine and at the Jung Center, a powerful combination.  And we spend a very valuable hour talking about the how’s and why’s of healing and ways to work this into your life.  Integrative Ways of Experiencing Healing is the name of the workshop coming up on Saturday, May 11.  To learn more about this happening and Juanita’s own experience–

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Treasa Antony, Bruce Young and the Nature Heritage Society

April 18, 2019

It started with a birder, Glenn Miller, and a detention pond in south Houston.  The Nature Heritage Society is making the area into a fascinating place to go and spend some time just watching what nature looks like in Houston, today.  Treasa and Glenn take us through all the things the society is doing to bring us into the natural system–from school gardening to curriculum integration to fishing for all.  Most of all, when you listen, you will hear two wonderful people, truly enjoying their mission!

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