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wed Jan 12th, 2011

Texas Land Conservancy Outreach Coordinator Kate Vickery and Phil Ferguson, Landowner: Las Fogatas Ranch joins us in the studio to talk about protecting the nature of Texas.

Texas Land Conservancy Mission Statement

A diverse and expanding network of protected natural areas throughout Texas supported by a community of Texans who share a commitment to enhancing the quality of life through land conservation.

The mission of Texas Land Conservancy is to conserve natural areas in Texas and to protect the physical and ecological integrity of their wildlife habitat, native plant communities, and scenic landscapes for the benefit of present and future generations.

To reduce the negative effects of land fragmentation and poorly planned development by protecting critical lands through ownership or permanent conservation easements.
To maintain a substantial and diverse inventory of protected lands that reflect the biological diversity and significance of Texas’ natural heritage.
To responsibly steward our conservation easements and land holdings through monitoring, land management, and enforcement of restrictions.
To restore and enhance native habitats on lands under TLC protection.
To work with other organizations and individuals as appropriate to conserve and protect additional areas not protected by TLC.
To educate the public about Texas’ natural areas and provide opportunities for the public to enjoy TLC’s protected properties.
To establish and uphold a visible and respected presence in the state and to accomplish the broad goals of land conservation in Texas.
To build and grow a substantial base of members, funding support, corporate and individual donors and partners.
To obtain and manage funds to carry out TLC’s mission in a fiscally responsible manner.
To build and increase TLC’s internal capacity to support its programs, including a professional staff, a strong and diverse Board of Directors, and committed volunteers.

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