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What greater joy could we give Ourselves than to assure harmony with nature

For Eco-Ology, Wednesday, November 17th 2010

What greater joy could we give Ourselves than to assure harmony with nature for Our Community and Our future generations.

Join us in conversation with Jennifer Lorenz, Executive Director of Bayou Land Conservancy

Bayou Land Conservancy
Bayou Land Conservancy is a community-sponsored land preservation organization working with willing landowners to permanently protect land in the greater Houston region. We preserve river and bayou corridors, other properties with significant wildlife habitat value and places where family recreation can occur in harmony with nature. Our “No Child Left Inside” education program connects tomorrow’s conservation leaders with nature today. Bayou Land Conservancy is proud to have conserved over 8,000 acres in the greater Houston region.

Interested in hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, or birding? Are you looking for a place to get out and see nature? Do you need a place to ride your horse? BLC encourages our community to visit our free public preserves to responsibly enjoy the outdoors.


Thanks – Giving is upon us. What’s at the market and what do with it for Your celebration!


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Mary Wood and Patsy Gillham

25th Aug 2010

“Litter travels from all corners of Texas into our storm drains and waterways until it reaches the Gulf of Mexico. The mission of the Texas Bottle Bill is to stop the unnecessary and improper disposal of valuable resources and to help create jobs for our communities here in Texas.”

How are two women taking action?
What is a part of the solution?

Join us in an important conversation with Mary Wood and Patsy Gillham, creators of the Texas Bottle Bill. “The mission of the Texas Bottle Bill is to establish a deposit/refund program to decrease the volume of aluminum, glass and plastic beverage containers in our lakes and rivers; bays and bayous; on our roadways and public lands. The deposit/refund system will combine financial incentives and convenient redemption centers; this along with curbside collection will ensure the maximum number of beverage containers for recycling. This Texas Bottle Bill will establish a funding base to create jobs locally and throughout the state in the recycling industry and bring processors and manufactures into our state. The Texas Bottle Bill will reduce Texans carbon footprint by increasing the supply of high quality materials for recycling and help replace the practice of using virgin material to produce new products.”

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Trudi Smith and the Buffalo Bayou Partnership

24th Feb 2010

Join us for Our Winter Fun(d) Drive. It’s Our second day in the fund drive and we are excited to have a conversation with
Trudi Smith and the Buffalo Bayou Partnership,,

Buffalo Bayou’s restoration is offering all of Us an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of one of Houston’s natural resources.

Join Us.

In 1984 Houston Mayor Kathy Whitmire appointed a task force to study Buffalo Bayou and to develop a realistic strategy for its development. The result of the task force’s two-year effort was the Buffalo Bayou Master Plan, published in 1986. In addition to outlining conceptual redevelopment designs for Buffalo Bayou, the task force proposed the establishment of a non-profit authority to implement its recommendations. Created in 1986, the Buffalo Bayou Partnership is a coalition of civic, environmental, governmental and business representatives whose director nominees are confirmed by the Mayor of Houston and Harris County Judge. The 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation is responsible for developing and facilitating improvements to the Buffalo Bayou greenway system.

In the past seven years, the Partnership has raised and leveraged over $45 million for improvements along a 10-mile stretch of Buffalo Bayou from Shepherd Dr. to the Turning Basin. These improvements have included a 20-year master plan, Buffalo Bayou and Beyond, three miles of trails east of downtown, Sesquicentennial Park, the North Side Trail, and the purchase of over 35 acres of land in the East End for park lands.
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James B. Blackburn, Jr

Aug 26th 2009

  • Eco-Ology, KPFT’s program dedicated to local hero’s at the forefront of environmental action, ecology, social justice, health, and spirit. (2007)

    A simple question CAN take us on a grand new adventure. What do you think, when you STOP for a moment and watch an animal go about its daily life: your cat, dog, a squirrel, a bird? Do you talk about Your experience?Do you write about it? Do you make a painting about it? Eco-ology brings You Jim Blackburn for a conversation about the book he and Isabelle Scurry Chapman are creating, Birds A Collection of Verse and Vision. Jim will talk about how the project began, and what writing about and painting birds means to them and then to you. Life and living on the Gulf Coast, issues that affect everything around us and issues that are especially important to birds and man as we head pell mell into the hurricane season. What affect do We have? What effect can We have? 1998, he was the recipient of the Bob Eckhardt Lifetime Achievement Award for Coastal Preservation Efforts from the General Land Office of the State of Texas, and in 2001 he received a National Conservation Achievement Award from the National Wildlife Federation. He was granted Honorary Membership in the American Institute of Architects in 2003, in recognition of his legal work associated with urban quality of life issues. In 2004, Texas A&M Press published The Book of Texas Bays written by Jim, with photos by renowned Houston photographer Jim Olive. He is an Adjunct Professor and Lecturer in Environmental Law in the Environmental Sciences and Engineering Department of Rice University. In 2004, he was named “Best Environmental Attorney” by the Houston Press. In 2007, Texas Southern University awarded the Barbara C. Jordan Community Advocate Award for his “unwavering commitment to protecting our environment and the health of Texans throughout the Gulf Coast region.”


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