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Conversation with Sheila Aaron and Danny Samuels.

Join us Wednesday on Eco-Ology Aug 3rd 2011

We look forward to thought provoking conversations with Sheila Aaron, author of a children’s book, I Am Glad I’m Me, The Power Of Love.
“I’m Glad I’m Me is written with the conviction that how messages of love are communicated between parents and children can positively shape a child’s personality, self-esteem, and – in later years – their approach to their own children. The timeless messages of I’m Glad I’m Me can benefit readers of all ages and stages of life.”


Danny Samuels, Professor in Practice at the Rice School of Architecture, Director of the Rice Building Workshop, and, since 1972, Partner in Taft Architects.
What are architecture students involved in today?
the Rice Building Workshop: projects in affordable housing prototypes at Project Row Houses over 16 years

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