David Cater, Marcella Nelson Icet and Joe Icet

Apr 7th 2010

Marcella Nelson Icet and Joe Icet with the Last Organic Outpost and Emile Street Urban Farm The Last Organic Outpost is an inner city urban farm project using regenerative agriculture to restore the fertility of unused land. “This experimental farming is intended to create an international garden with food from all over the world, by growing crops in similar climates or microclimates with the intent to create year round seasonal crops that sustain a nutrient rich diet. We offer opportunities for people to learn by doing. The Emile Community Farm in the 5th Ward and the Live Oak Outpost in the 3rd Ward are community farms where volunteers are paid in crops from the garden. We invite communities to learn stewardship of the land by actively participating in the development of a local food economy We participate in area farmers markets and coops and encourage the development of other farm to market enterprises.” David Cater from Utility Research Garden http://www.utilityresearchgarden.com/about/index.htm

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