James Rhubottom, Jr.

Wed 27th Jan 2010

James Rhubottom, Jr., Operations Leader for the Mobile Laboratory Program and Chemist IV, City of Houston Health & Human Services.

From the inside of what looks like a modified ambulance, environmental investigator James Rhubottom sits behind a computer station that could be straight from Mission Control. He longs for the day when he is out of a job, Rhubottom said. And not because he is lazy. Being out of a job means the Houston area has clean, quality air. Until then, he is part of a team of chemists who patrol the area, measuring toxins in the air from a mobile air quality unit. Through grant funds from the Houston Endowment and the mayor’s initiative to lower toxins in Houston’s air, Rhubottom and the Mobile Ambient Air Monitoring Laboratory study the area’s air. “MAAML is an outreach of the mayor’s initiative allowing us to add services that the city has not previously had, “ he said. “We go to various locations, take air samples and report if there are any potential problems.” AND the Farm Report. Local farmers, what’s in the fields and at YOUR Farmers Markets.

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