Food and Fun Or Fun and Food – Where do You receive nourishment?

Wed Mar 23rd, 2011

Food and Fun
Or Fun and Food –
Where do You receive nourishment?

Hans Hansen, a local Farmer specializing in nutrient dense gourmet produce and providing the produce to individuals and restaurants through a CSA (community supported agriculture).


Sarah Gish with Gish Creative and the Summer Book

THE SUMMER BOOK® is an annual comprehensive guide to Houston day camps and classes for kids 4 years old and up and teens. The guide is published annually in MARCH by Gish Creative and includes information on over 200 organizations offering camps and classes for children in the summertime. The camps are divided by “arts”, “educational”, “religious”, “special needs” and “sports”. It also includes information on which camps are free or offer scholarships, which are full day or for teens, as well as a week-by-week chart by date and a chart detailing amenities of each camp. To help parents “map out” each child’s summer, there is a camp calendar for organizing weekly schedules. Please note that since every camp experience is unique, we made a decision to not rate the camps and to instead concentrate on information needed by parents.

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