Mark Illian

Mon Jun 1st 2009

Mark Illian and Nature Healing Nature “We believe that Nature offers solutions to human problems, after all, She has been successfully figuring things out for 4.5 billion years – we just need to learn how to listen and apply. Nature Healing Nature aims to help Global citizens take ownership for improving their health, living conditions and personal fulfillment using materials and lessons found in Nature.” Mark Illian and Monika Cikhart just returned from Togo, Africa. Visiting 9 villages to have a conversation about their concerns and problems. They offered the villagers no money, materials, or promises, “just a conversation about what other people are doing in the world to help themselves”. They gathered, they talked and then took action. They built latrines, purified their water, made rehydration solution, and began hand washing with a limited water supply. They are no longer waiting to have someone come and do it for them. Nature Healing Nature

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