Fun Drive

May 11th 2009

For Our first Monday offering to Fun Drive: Green tips from the Green Book. The book is also a premium for this Fund Drive by listener support of the Green Bank. Double-side your copies. Whether printing of copying, use both sides of a piece of paper. If just one in four office workers made all of their copies double sided, the annual savings would equal 130 billion sheets of paper – a stack thicker than the diameter of the earth! Recycle Your cellular phone. Donate Your phone to a charity or sell it to a third-party recycler. You can often take a tax deduction for the value of the phone or get hard money for it from a recycler. Less than 1 percent of cell phones are currently recycled, and there are 500 million used cell phones not being used in the United States alone! Start a compost patch in Your yard OR find a neighbor already composting OR an urban farm or community garden to donate Your leftovers/scraps to.

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