Theresa Morris and Joanie Steinhaus, Turtle Island Restoration Network

March 28, 2019

You may never see them, they come ashore early in the morning, head to the dunes, dig in, lay their eggs, cover, and head back to the water–moving at a turtle’s pace, all the while.  They are mostly  Kemp’s Ridley turtles, and are one more interesting thing happening along our coast–right here; and if you see any sign like the tell tale tracks, STAY BACK and call The Turtle Island Restoration Network, asap!  Theresa and Joanie come in to tell how the local trained volunteers will carefully move the eggs and take them to hatchery–where they become part of the restoration.  They tell the history of the near demise andcomeback–all the projects the network is involved in, how you can help; and most of all, how important these turtles are as a wonderful part of the natural system.

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