Laura Spanijan and Matthew Tejada

15th Sep 2010

Recycling, compost, farmers markets, home gardens, air quality, alternative energy technology, education…Houston’s path to sustainable growth.

Join us in conversation with Laura Spanijan, City of Houston’s Director of Sustainability and Matthew Tejada, Executive Director, Air Alliance Houston.

City of Houston Sustainability

“Environmental activities within the City’s own operations and in the community are coordinated by the Mayor’s Office. The Health and Human Services Department contains an environmental division that is responsible for ensuring community-wide environmental quality in the areas of air and water quality, food safety, occupational health, children’s health, and animal protection. Public Works, Solid Waste, Planning, Police, Fire, Legal, Building Services, Parks and Recreation departments, and Houston Airport System also include environmental staffs, which manage issues relating to each department’s work. The Mayor’s Office works with all of these environmental specialists on a regular basis. Once a month, we convene a citywide meeting of the senior environmental staff to ensure full and open communication among all city personnel charged with responsibility for our environment.”

Air Alliance Houston – formerly G.H.A.S.P. and Mothers for Clean air

“We focus on the adverse effects of Houston area air pollution, particularly on children’s health. We continue to develop community programs to address environmental justice issues and to educate children and adults in local communities about air quality issues and prevention of exposure. We educate communities with plays, film, and interactive theater, in particular Ozone Theater, which teaches young students about air pollution—its sources, effects on health and what they can do about it.”

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