Steve Stelzer and Esteban Tovar

28th Apr 2010

How We in this community build Our lives, food sources, and structures begins with a thought, a conversation, a dream. Accomplishment comes from the action taken by individuals who become a part of a team.

Join us in conversation with:

Steve Stelzer, Program Director for the City of Houston, Code Enforcement Green Building Resource Center,

The Green Building Resource Center’s Mission is to enable the public to experience and learn more about energy, water and material conserving design and construction, also known as “Green Building”.


Esteban Tovar, Community Activist and Innovator.
Magnolia Park
Creating community space and reinvigorating the neighborhood
Because this older Hispanic neighborhood has a long-standing history with agriculture, it is no surprise that its residents, businesses, and congregations chose a community garden as their first community-building project. Texans Together guides residents, but residents are the backbone of the community garden: growing the food, maintaining the grounds, and distributing the food to those in need. The garden also provides a space for after school activities and summer programs.

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