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Radio Program Hosts

Every Wednesday 6 to 7 AM

Eco-Ology, Wednesday 6 to 7 AM KPFT’s program dedicated to local hero’s at the forefront of environmental action, ecology in and for Our community, social justice, health, and spirit. Produced by Patricia Greer, HC Clark and Cath Conlon. Technical support provided by Laura Slavin.

Join us every Wednesday as we explore what is happening in Our community and who is doing something about it. We are adding a new element to Our weekly program – FOOD, glorious food: food security, local foods, food co-operatives, farmers markets, food dilemmas, food in Our region, composting, urban farming, bees, community gardens, recipes for Our region and the season. Michael Pollan, Recipe for Success, Urban Harvest, and more. Eco-Ology

We succeed as a society as we consider health, environment, social, and spiritual interactions.

Eco-Ology welcomes ecologists, economists, environmentalists, religious and spiritual leaders, peace givers, progressives, conservatives, liberals – everyone who is deeply entrenched in living now and believes a future is possible.

Water, local farmers, green building, children, recycling, hydrocarbons in Our air, landfills, recipes for preparing green leafys, biodiversity.Eco-Ology is a coalition of solution based citizens from a variety of environmentally-related organizations, focusing on ecological issues, exposing their interdependent relationship.

Bringing people and their stories to folks. Just regular people, who from life experience, exposed problems and strived to solve them, making a difference in the community of Our earth.

Our first drive time program will feature a segment from a Recent program with Mathew Tejada, Executive Director for Galveston Houston Association for Smog Prevention – GHASP on ozone, and interviews with urban farmer, Joe Icet and a representative from Central City Co-op.

We look forward to injoying Wednesday morning with You. Thank You for making KPFT YOUR main stream media.

Program hosts

  • Patricia Greer
  • Cath Conlon
  • HC Clark

Technical Staff

  • Laura Slavin
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Weekly radio report on the state of our ecological health every Tuesday at 3pm on 90.1 FM KPFT Houston,TX.