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Jerrell Wolff, Residential Recycling of Texas

Feb 16th 2009

JJoin us in conversation with Jerrell Wolff, Residential Recycling of Texas Recycling —- It Adds Up Newspaper, packaging, clothing, tires, appliances, magazines, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, yard clippings, cardboard, glass and metals. And more. An Environmental Protection Agency study estimates that each American produces 1600 pounds of trash each year. Nationally, this add up to hundreds of thousands of tons of waste annually. Paper products are the biggest offender, comprising as much as 40% of waste. The Good News It has been estimated that disposing of trash in a landfill costs about $22 a ton whereas selling recyclable materials generates $10 a ton. The good news is Americans are now recycling nearly 30 percent of their waste, and the number is growing. Residential Recycling of Texas says We are proud to be a part of this trend. Residential Recycling of Texas is a unique company which services Harris County and surrounding areas. We specialize in recycling household items which can be reused to prevent the waste of possible useful materials. Our 27 years of experience, enables us to work independently with each community to understand their specific needs and work to provide those needs. Additionally, RRT can meet the needs of your business. Residential Recycling of Texas would like to work for your neighborhood to help your residents participate in this trend — easily and economically!

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