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Barbara Loe and Rebecca Rex

Wed Oct 6th 2010

This week on Eco-Ology…following Whole Mother with Pat Jones, Monday, 6:30 a.m. Vaccine Informed Consent and Education with Barbara Loe, Executive Director of the National Vaccine Information Center, (NVIC) , and Rebecca Rex, co-founder Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education (PROVE),

Vaccines: informed consent and education.

The American Medical Association defines informed consent as “a process of communication between a patient and physician that results in the patient’s authorization or agreement to undergo a specific medical intervention.”

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Here is a hypothetical comparison that will explain the controversy over vaccines in a very simple manner. Peanut butter, for example, is enjoyable to eat and nutritious. It is healthy for you and causes no harm, as a majority to all people. It’s clearly good to eat it, right? Approximately 1.5 million Americans are allergic to peanut butter so roughly 1 out of every 300 persons has serious adverse reactions to peanut butter. Now imagine that there was no way to determine if you were that 1 in 300 that has a negative reaction to eating peanut butter? This is the case for many vaccines. Now imagine that this 1 in 300 number is, for whatever reason, inaccurate and you were not told that it may be higher, say substantially higher?
Some vaccines have higher adverse reaction rates than people think and some have those high rates even after passing clinical trials with lesser recorded rates, even though the studies show they are much higher. If someone were to object to peanut butter because of adverse reactions, that is the same as someone objecting to certain vaccines because of the adverse reaction rates. Now imagine if there were clinical studies hinting at the possibility that a very high number of reactions to eating a certain brand of peanut butter on the market, say 1 in every 10 or 20 people, result in a serious neurological disease, paralysis or even death? Imagine if a few peanut butter manufacturing companies were caught selling expired products, contaminated goods or even adding potentially carcinogenic additives in their product? Welcome to the world of vaccines. Objecting to a vaccine is not the same as saying all vaccines are harmful. It’s all about a game of fractions.

The conversation continues with Dr. Jennifer Zea of Texas Chiropractic and Family Wellness, Georgia Lister body worker and researcher, Rebecca Rex and Dawn Richardson of Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education (PROVE),, Van Arrington, and Cynthia Singleton…all parents, educators, and fervent supporters of vaccine informed consent.

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Drs. Pamela and Floyd Atkins with the Center for Wellness and Healing

May 5th 2010

Taking responsibility for Our health takes many forms, often now termed as Integrative Medicine – a holistic approach to wellness and well-being. Join us in conversation with Drs. Pamela and Floyd Atkins with the Center for Wellness and Healing. “After practicing traditional medicine for decades, doctors Pamela Brewer Atkins and Floyd Atkins decided they wanted to do even more for patients … so they created the Center for Wellness and Healing. The center integrates traditional and alternative medicines using a nontraditional holistic approach, providing patients with long-term solutions to improve their quality of life.” “Wellness is about prevention and solving the cause (of illness) — not (just) the symptoms.” “Wellness is a process. It’s the way you live your life.”

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