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Tifani Pust and Nell and Dean Cook

Wed 3rd Feb 2010

Join us in conversation with Tifani Pust, Artistic & Youth Educational Programs Director for Galveston Houston Association for Smog Prevention, G.H.A.S.P. Tifani has been instrumental in producing Air Theatre, Houston Speaks .


Nell and Dean Cook, Urban Farmers, sustainability champions. Nell and Dean are creating an edible forest garden right here in Houston.


We will be giving away several sets of tickets to Greg Mortenson and the Youth Leadership Awards. THREE CUPS OF TEA AUTHOR GREG MORTENSON & THE HOUSTON YOUTH LEADERSHIP AWARDS

Jones Hall, February 8 (7:00 pm)

Central Asia Institute

Enjoy an inspiring and entertaining evening as Nobel Prize Nominee Greg Mortenson, best known for his New York Times bestselling books Three Cups of Tea and Stones into Schools, recounts his remarkable journey from mountain climber to global humanitarian. Greg’s non-profit Central Asia Institute promotes and supports community-based education, especially for girls, in remote regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan, where he has built over 130 schools. From the beginning, Greg’s efforts have been supported by school children and other organizations in the United States (and now around the world) through his Pennies for Peace program. The Houston Youth Leadership Awards will feature Greg recognizing and interviewing selected young people from Houston to represent the many youths in the Houston area who have exhibited exceptional efforts as positive change agents in their communities and/or the world.

Texans for Pennies for Peace

Want to see how kids help kids?

Watch this YouTube video of Pennies for Peace Story

Listen now

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