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CSA and Gardening

Wed Mar 2nd, 2011

Hans Hansen, a local Farmer specializing in nutrient gourmet produce and providing them to individuals and restaurants through a CSA (community supported ag).


Bio-Char with Dean Cook, a local sustainable gardener. Biochar is a way for carbon to be drawn from the atmosphere and is a solution to reducing the global impact of farming (and in reducing the impact from all agricultural waste). Since biochar can sequester carbon in the soil for hundreds to thousands of years, it has received considerable interest as a potential tool to slow global warming. The burning and natural decomposition of trees and agricultural matter contributes a large amount of CO2 released to the atmosphere. Biochar can store this carbon in the ground, potentially making a significant reduction in atmospheric GHG levels; at the same time its presence in the earth can improve water quality, increase soil fertility, raise agricultural productivity and reduce pressure on old-growth forests.

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